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Atarashii Jidai...

Sometimes All Of Our Thoughts Are Misgiven.

Trowa Barton
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I know all about danger- I'm used to walking a tight rope.

Real Name: Unknown
Alias: Trowa Barton
Location: L3 Colony
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Occupation: Acrobat, Clown.

Having returned to the L3 Colony, and his place in the Circus, Trowa once more fell into the routine he'd grown accustomed to during the Wars. There was no ambition to change after the battles had come to a final conclusion- nothing begins or ends in a lifestyle where one is free to simply reenact the same motions from sunrise to sunset...

With no clearly defined goals to act upon, even as Man welcomes in a new Age of Prosperity, even as everything around him has been changed, Trowa remains in the same state as he's always been, as though resigned to wait for the peace to end.


Member and Moderator of the faded_melody Gundam Wing RPG.